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Why you need to register an Instagram account

In 2021, the impact of online platforms on business can no longer be ignored. According to statistics, 90% of brands have their own social media account. networks.

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According to the Clutch 2017 Small Business Social Media Survey, 52% of small business owners choose to promote Instagram. If you belong to the remaining 48%, you are lagging behind the competition.

The audience of active Instagram users in Russia has exceeded 37 million people a month.

To attract as many potential customers as possible, you need to promote your Instagram account.

Promotion is advertising and buying targeted actions on a social network. However, without proper design of social networks, your promotion will not work.

Instagram business account features

There are two types of accounts available on Instagram: personal page and business account. To promote your brand account on Instagram, we recommend switching to a commercial one. Why? Here are some of the benefits:

Communication button
Using the button, you can make a call, write an SMS or an email. This function is available only for smartphones, on computer versions the buttons are not visible.

Physical adress
By clicking on the active address of the company, subscribers can see the location of the object on the map and build a route to it. A very relevant feature for local businesses.

Company address and route planning

Account statistics
The button in the upper right corner of the account contains the button «Statistics». You will see data on content, actions in your account and audience. The button is available only when the account has 100 or more subscribers.

Statistics button and Instagram account

The interface of the «Statistics» section in Instagram

You can promote Instagram posting from the application itself by clicking the «Promote» button, or set up advertisements through Facebook.

Business account connection and profile design

To connect a business account, go to the application settings in the «Account» section, click on the line «Switch to a professional account». Choose profile focus: author or business (new from Instagram).

Connecting an Instagram business accountConnecting a business accountBusiness account
The sequence of connecting a Business profile on Instagram

After that, you will be prompted to link your account with Facebook. This will allow you to use all the capabilities of the Facebook advertising cabinet to analyze your new business account. Then you just have to fill out your company profile. Done!